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If you read my last blog post, you learned how to disregard the advice given in Home Improvement shows in order to make your space as timeless and unique as you are. I mentioned that if you are following the design advice of home improvement shows, and go along with the trends, you are dating your project, regardless of how great it looks once the installation is complete.

Even though I would not use them as a barometer of what to put in your home regarding design, there are some really great recurring themes that come along with every project, which also come up in every project in Home Improvement shows… the unknown. When it comes to “the unknown” we see rotting floors, mold, termites, dangerous electrical configurations, and a host of other unanticipated things that come up. These things don’t just come up in TV home improvement projects, they come up in just about every home improvement project there is.

When the unknown happens, it is typically something that has not been planned for in the budget or in the timeline. Often, these disruptions are things that have to be addressed, there is really no choice. So if you have an install scheduled for October that you are hoping will be completed by Thanksgiving, chances are your timeline and budget will be impacted by unknown events and just because you are planning to cook a feast, it doesn’t mean that the supply chain, mold remediation service or your contractor’s schedule will be able to accommodate your plans.

To avoid aggravation, it is best to budget a bit more for your project in both money and time. Expect that if something can go wrong, it will. Expect that there will be a great deal of uncertainty so that when it happens, you are not emotionally and financially set back. A major renovation is loud, dusty, and very disruptive to your daily routine and you will likely not have the use of your kitchen or bathroom for several weeks or months. My advice would be if you would like to have the surprise Home
Improvement effect that you see on TV if you trust your installer, plan to be away during the installation so that when you step inside your new space, you can experience the surprise of seeing your space transformed without the headache.