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Proper installation is the cornerstone of your home improvement!

When you think of it, a good craftsman can make even the most budget driven project, a work of art. In fact, the proper installation of our products is so important to our success that we have always employed, and managed our own team of well trained and customer oriented craftsman. We are fully capable of handling all of your installation needs, including carpentry, wall and wallboard removal and replacement, interior and exterior doors, windows, electrical connections, plumbing, ceramic tile and prefinished hard wood flooring, custom moldings and trims, custom counter top and shower door installations, and so much more… Our customers praise our system of installation for its competence, organization, cleanliness, reliability and timeliness of completion. Although we are very knowledgeable of the installation of the many products that we sell, and highly recommend it as the most hassle-free way to ensure your total satisfaction, the purchase of our installation is never required. We are delighted to provide all of our fine products and custom designs at affordable prices, for installation by others.