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Rustic Traditional, Brunswick NY

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Rustic Traditional is an effortless blend of nature-inspired textures with modern comforts to create a space with a soft elegance. A freestanding copper tub is the perfect balance to the warmth found in the stained vanity, allowing the richness of the metallic tones to unify the design. A gentle palette of muted taupes and browns form the soothing atmosphere, while the pebble tile found in the shower and base of the tub is mimicked in the granite countertop to bring the outdoors in. Large panes of glass encasing the shower reflect light brought in from the bay window, naturally enhancing the brightness of the space. Brushed nickel finishes add a simple, modern touch with delicate curves to contrast the roughness of earthy tones. Refined lines with rustic elements is what makes this space timeless and a place that offers total relaxation from the everyday.


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January 18, 2018