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Kitchen Remodel Transitional Modern Niskayuna

Warmth and charm of earth tones elevate our latest kitchen transformation – truly the heart of the home! What was once an impractical layout has now become a chef’s dream, exceeding our customer’s expectations and providing a perfect blend of style and functionality.

The strategic relocation of the range and refrigerator, coupled with a reimagination of the pantry, allowed us to maximize usable counter and storage space, turning this kitchen into a highly efficient and inviting space for culinary endeavors.

Decora cabinetry takes center stage in this design, showcasing the rich tones of Cherry Gunny and the subtle elegance of Maple Sweet Pea. These choices not only contribute to the inviting atmosphere but also add a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic. The result is a harmonious blend of form and function that transforms the kitchen into a true focal point of the home.

The countertops, featuring Cambria in Charlestown Matte, not only add a durable and practical surface but also enhance the warm and welcoming feel of the space. The matte finish brings a touch of modernity, balancing the traditional elements seamlessly.

Designed with precision through a collaboration of two of our talented designers Sara Hines and Ashleah McClain, this kitchen was brought to life by our exceptional installation team. Scroll through the before photos to witness the incredible journey from an impractical layout to a chef’s paradise. Join us in celebrating this stunning transformation and discover the perfect blend of beauty and functionality in your kitchen space. Scroll for before photos.

Before photo below.

Before photo below.