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Refresh Your Kitchen the Simple Way

These two pictures below are of the same kitchen with a little bit of a refresh. This is a perfect example of what’s possible without having to go through a complete demo and remodeling project but at the same time, giving you a completely new look with minimum disruption. Everything that we have done in this kitchen is also possible in just about any kitchen if you still like the style of your cabinetry but feel you might like something new.

Refresh your Kitchen before

Cabinetry updates

In this project, we did not remove and replace all the cabinets. Instead, we took out the wall cabinets with vertical lifts and replaced them with glass doors. We extended the end cabinet over the dishwasher to the counter for more drawer storage which also added an updated look and feel to the kitchen. This approach is a bit more timeless than the previous iteration of cabinetry and you cannot tell what the era was in which this cabinetry was installed. As a designer, I appreciate when you can’t tell what was on trend when a kitchen was installed because trends always date a kitchen. This is a more classic look and far less trendy which always dates an installation.

Refresh your Kitchen afterReplaced Countertop & Sink

The second most prominent change was updating the countertops. We took out the dark dated granite and replaced it with a cleaner, more modern Cambria quartz countertop. This lightens up the space and gives the cabinetry a bit more “pop.” We also replaced the undermount sink with a new apron front sink and a gold toned industrial faucet for a more modern appeal. You will also notice that although the countertop is grey, the faucet is gold. This combination of warms and cools adds interest to a space, where keeping to a monotone color scheme tends to be monotonous and people get tired of it faster. This unexpected twist of a more contemporary gold tone flair is used in aspects of the kitchen that can be easily replaced if the homeowner gets tired of it and the trends turn away from gold tones in the next ten years.


If you look at the before picture, you will see a distinct backsplash pattern that was trying to look modern for its time. In the after picture, you will see that the backsplash is a classic chevron detail that coordinates beautifully and timelessly with the colors of the countertop. This also adds to the classic feel of the refresh, keeping the kitchen from being dated to when the refresh happened.

Cabinetry Hardware

You will notice that the cabinetry hardware has also been changed. This is one of the easiest changes you can make in your kitchen or bathroom, it is also one of the easiest things you can do to stay on trend. You will notice that the hardware and the faucet are both brushed gold. Both of those elements can easily be swapped out when the trends shift so it is something you can have fun with now and know that whatever you do, you can always change it with minimal effort and expense.


One of the elements that we did not change in this kitchen was the lighting over the island. We could have changed it; however, it was not necessary, and the lighting is elegant and timeless enough that it works in both spaces. However, if you don’t like your lighting, this is also something that can be easily changed with minimal time, effort, and expense.

As you can see, it does not always require an entire kitchen remodel to update your kitchen. You can change different elements to give yourself an entirely different feel. If this is something that you would be afraid to tackle on your own, the design professionals at Kitchen and Bath World are here and would be happy to help you confidently refresh your kitchen or bathroom.