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Colors, styles, and taste change from year to year. Kitchen design is no different.

This is a list from our Kitchen Design team that shows what is trending in 2023.

Saratoga Showcase of Homes Builder: Kohler, Kitchen Design: Kitchen & Bath World

Saratoga Showcase of Homes Award Winner Best Kitchen

Two-tone wood kitchens are gaining in popularity. Mixing wood, stone, and ceramics with new mediums create more than just a color contrast, it adds texture and interest to the space. See our Saratoga Showcase of Homes Kitchen design as a great example of combining natural wood tones with painted finished cabinetry. Kitchen & Bath World Owner & Designer, Sara Bove Hines says “To me, eclecticism adds a next-level sophisticated and welcoming design decor. It’s not just a farmhouse it’s a blend of transitional and industrial.” A spectacular Kitchen design no longer must adhere to the constraints of one style. A great kitchen design will incorporate many of the homeowner’s design inspirations. The kitchen is warm, and welcoming but never boring.

Consumers want more durability, favoring products and material that lasts longer and adds value to their home. Quartz counters are outpacing granite in sales significantly. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Because of its strength, is a more popular and reliable choice for countertops.

From our designer

Open shelving in the kitchen is gaining in popularity Sara says, “We are reimagining storage.” Adding not everything has to be behind closed doors. In addition to open shelving, kitchens are equipped with lower drawer types of storage instead of traditional cabinetry. “We are seeing a lot of interest in dish drawers,” said Sara.

Homeowners are favoring warm, welcoming kitchens with a little personality. That may come in the form of a pop of color, double islands, warm wood tones, and lots of textures.

creamy kitchen with two islands

Traditional Tuscan Kitchen Design

Sara says hard-fast rules of kitchen design no longer apply and that while some say the all-white kitchen is out she disagrees. It is ultimately your space and your decision. If you are concerned she suggests adding color with a painted finish island base. A great designer will advise of new finishes to contemporize any look.

Sara somewhat disagrees with the suggestion that subway tile backsplashes are starting to look dated. Sara says playing with scale and opting for unique colors instead of white can keep it fresh and timeless. We also see the use of Marble slab which can elevate your kitchen backsplash by adding more depth. Note the natural textured stone backsplash in our Traditional Tuscan kitchen design.