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Traditional Tuscan, Delmar NY

brown kitchen with large island

Traditional Tuscan creates an eclectic blend of textures and earth tones that is reminiscent of the rolling hills and vibrant sun of Tuscany, with touches of modern commodities that update the relaxed yet extravagant space. Cherry cabinets wear an opaque stain with careful ornamentation and a wooden hood, complemented by granite countertops of marbled gold and cream to further the subtle elegance. A large, tiered island is decorated with earthy mosaics that work with the highly detailed stone backsplash tile to impact this style. The rich yellow tones of the hardwood floors mimic the sun, while satin nickel appliances, hardware and delicate lighting fixtures over the island modernize the look. The attention to detail and ample seating bring this folksy and welcoming space into modern functionality, making it perfect for large gatherings of family and friends.

Close up of built in microwave in warm kitchen


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January 18, 2018