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Contemporary Rustic, Loudonville NY

Kitchen and Bath World kitchen redesign

Contemporary Rustic impeccably merges the clean, neutral elements of the modern home with the heavy texture and character of rustic aesthetic. Slab cabinets are painted grey with white undertones in a linear texture that is broken up with white painted accent cabinets. A light granite countertop with wisps of browns and blacks acts alongside a smooth, grey granite countertop on the island to complement the surrounding wood. Honed slate floors in a dark grey give a clean edge that contrasts with the soft warmth of the backsplash, decorated with a geometric patterned mosaic over the stove. A multi-tiered island, stainless steel finishes, and clear lighting break up the monochromatic feel, while large windows bathe the space in a warm and natural light. The seamless combination of organic and man-made materials help make this modern space rustic, creating a medley of textures in this timeless, eclectic design.

modern kitchen leading into living room


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January 18, 2018